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John C. White

John C. White


· When the “Accent’” is on Information

· When the “Accent’” is on Experience

· When the “Accent’” is on Confidentiality

· When the "Accent’” is on Reliability

· When the “Accent’” is on Results



General Services

  • Process Service
  • Criminal Defense
  • Witnesses Locate & Interview
  • Evidence Photography & Handling
  • Missing Persons Locate
  • Civil Investigations
  • Activities Confirmation & Documentation
  • Vehicle Tracking
Insurance Services
  • Accident Investigation
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Confirmation of Activities
Corporate Services
  • Fraud/Theft/Loss/Injury Investigations
  • Employee Monitoring

Accent’ on Experience

The principal owner, and operator of Accent’ Investigations, is John C. White, recently relocated from Colorado Springs, where he was well known for over 30 years.  Prior to starting Accent’ Investigations, John spent over 20 years in Organized Law Enforcement.  Couple that with another 22 years in his own company conducting Private Investigations.  John has investigated every type of crime from Criminal Mischief to Homicide.  “Cool” and “Controlled” under court scrutiny, his testimony has never been impeached.  John is also recognized as an expert witness in Wisconsin on Police Procedures.  Count on John to provide the results you are looking for.

Accent’ on Tenacity & Attention to Detail

When conducting a Secondary or “follow-up” investigation it is important to know what information is most valuable to your case.  Whether it is witness locating and interviews, photographs of an accident, or video of a suspected fraudulent injury, John has the knowledge and experience to get what you need most.

Accent’ Investigations is small enough to respond to your needs in a quick and efficient manner, yet maintains contacts in the investigative community which ensures a rapid response on cases requiring the mobilization of several investigators.

Call John C. White for a confidential interview to discuss your particular needs and fees for service.

Licensed Private Detective

Wis. License # 10634-063

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